This month's theme is: 'Recharge and Realign'. I’m doing an hour long (may go over so be prepared for that) workshop on the 12th and 28th at 7pm EST where half will be motivational/uplifting and the other half will be tactical training on marketing, persuasion, and sales that I learned from Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi that’s been working for me so far (my results: more clicks and buys, and attracting a bigger audience on IG- went from 400 something to 3K something in maybe three weeks from narrowing down who I’m talking to, what they want and need, and how they need to hear it).

Every now and then we just need to be around people that get it and carve out some time to readjust/tweak our game plan. So let's go!

** One purchase= one workshop, not both **