Here's what you can do in the app for free:

  • Learn how to navigate certain challenges from featured blog content and how-to’s!
  • Watch motivational videos!
  • Download daily journals!
  • Learn how to navigate personal and professional struggles from premium content featured on!
  • Watch productivity videos!
  • Watch self-help videos!
  • Watch relationship videos!
  • Watch fitness, health, and diet videos!

Premium app features include being able to:

  • Mark items as complete as you get through them!
  • Download the content in each section to your device!
  • Unlock access to all content!
  • Unlock the ‘Tracking’ tab! Track and update your progress towards your goals!
  • Unlock access to ebooks!
  • Unlock the ‘Community’ tab! Use this feature to introduce yourself, share your goals, and document what you are working on. Share your success and #receipts, and ask me questions or give content suggestions for the app!

Elite app features include:

  • free and premium features plus monthly coaching with Master Coach Desiree' Stapleton on the Voxer app